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130 years anniversary

This year, the SEK International Institution celebrates its 130th anniversary. In Madrid, Spain, a small school that opened its doors in 1892 has become a great educational project which has crossed borders.

Throughout our history, we have lived through wars, political crises, pandemics, or challenges that have been successfully overcome, learning from each of them and becoming the globally established Institution that we are today.

Education and teaching methodologies have evolved during these 130 years. The SEK International Institution has been able to adapt to each stage and educational needs of society at the time, establishing its continuous improvement system for its students.

Thousands of students have passed through our classrooms; they have been trained and prepared to achieve any personal or professional goal that may arise throughout their lives. Creative students, with firm convictions and excellent command of technology, bilingual, responsible for their learning, with the capacity for individual initiative and teamwork, with determination and a desire to excel. Our students have the attitude and aptitude to leave a mark in an increasingly complex world.

Sapienta Quod Faciendum Faciam”, “Do what you must with wisdom” that has always been our motto, and it will continue to be so in the new pages of the history of the SEK International Institution that remain to be written. We have met the objectives set for 130 years, always trying to be better. Rest assured that we will continue to do so.

Communication Department
SEK International Institution

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