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21st SEK CUP

Last Friday, March 3rd, we began our 21st SEK Cup with the opening ceremony, in which the 21 participating schools, their families, and companions were welcomed. The SEK Cup has been held since 2002 and its purpose is to convey the importance of sports to young people, promote the value of discipline and awaken in them a spirit of healthy competition, something essential for the development of values and principles of the SEK International Institution in our students.

In an environment that is not only sporty but also integrates the families of our Institution and all those who visit us, in order to enjoy the different sports disciplines full of joy and confidence in victory.

We kicked off over the weekend by celebrating the swimming competition, in which the SEK team won a total of 11 gold, 18 silver, and 17 bronze medals, ranking first in the competition with 1910 points. In basketball, the Secondary students reached the goal with an impressive first place.

Also, it should be noted that the soccer team of our 5th and 6th-grade students obtained first place, while the 3rd and 4th-grade students finished the day of our cup with an excellent second place.

All our students, and those from the invited schools, put on a great performance, competing and enjoying the sport of this great community event.

We would like to thank all the schools that came together, the SEK teachers and families, for making this week an experience full of good adrenaline and success for everyone.

We congratulate our students and urge them to continue practicing good sports to be better!

 Leticia Encarnacion

Admissions Director

SEK Las Americas International School


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