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A place to suit all our children…

The new image of our preschool is the result of thorough planning, design, and decoration process, we focused on creating a balanced and favorable environment, clean and tidy, with fewer distractions, with optimal lighting, efficiently ventilated and with the furniture that allows reorganization for numerous activities and learning approaches.

From a pedagogical point of view, our classrooms must concede to the achievement of the objectives that are framed within our educational project, adapting to the qualities of our children, encouraging their development, covering physiological, motor, autonomy,  socialization, and discovery of the world.

In the playground, the floor has been decorated with several traditional games that promote coordination and balance, cheerful and colorful shade sails that protect from the sun were installed, while our students enjoy the thematic toys that have been incorporated and that allow them to be an archaeologist, builder or even a cowboy.

Researches confirm that a suitable environment can motivate, improve learning, help concentration, reduce behavioral problems, and even contribute to their social interactions.

Jefe de Estudios de Preescolar y Primaria

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