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The new Preschool of SEK Los Valles International School in Cumbayá is presented as a benchmark of innovation and modernity in children’s education. From its 3D architectural design to its pedagogical approach, following bilingual training and together with the International Baccalaureate PYP program, it provides an enriching and stimulating learning experience.

The moment children walk in the doors, an inspiring environment welcomes them. Its design is centered on creating open and welcoming spaces that encourage creativity, curiosity, and interaction.

The SEK educational project is favored by having spaces and classrooms that develop children’s creativity, observation skills, and social and emotional skills.

An Inspiring Environment for Learning

Practical learning consists of involving the student in an activity. In this way, they acquire knowledge through experience. The main objective of the new Preschool is to create learning spaces designed to turn teaching into meaningful experiences.

A total of 17 classrooms, each designed around the figure of an animal, differentiate this Preschool from any other and create a sense of belonging.

Likewise, playrooms were built to provide a unique learning experience. Have you ever imagined children dressed as chefs in a kitchen built for them? Or children doing fun experiments in a laboratory designed for their size?

The students have a corner classroom, a small city to play, pretending to be adults and open their creativity and imagination. They paint and draw in an art room whose architecture interests them. They are transported to the safari classroom decorated with images of exotic animals and filled with storybooks about wildlife.

In addition, they carry out technological projects based on augmented reality. They build different figures with Lego blocks. Also, they start programming with Bee-Bots and more.

At SEK Los Valles, the future of children is built, a future full of learning, discovery, and growth. Its modern and innovative Preschool is a testimony to the evolution and preparation of children for the challenges presented by the 21st Century.

Pablo Montenegro

Director of Admission

SEK Los Valles International School

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