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An explosion of creativity

Creativity is, together with critical thinking, teamwork, communication and the personalization of learning, one of the five fundamental elements of a truly innovative education.

At Colegio Internacional de Levante we take advantage of every opportunity we have in order to foster our students’ creativity, so it becomes the cornerstone of subjects such as Design, a subject taught in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program.

In design, we take a multidisciplinary and multimedia approach. We explore creativity through coding, photography, 3D digital design or augmented reality. We provide our students with techniques to express themselves so they find the format where they feel comfortable to activate their creativity.

Sir Ken Robinson, an expert in English education, said that “today’s school is designed to kill creativity.” In our case, we truly believe that this is not the case and we work every day, with effort and dedication, to make it grow in each of our students.

The problems of society in the future cannot be solved with solutions from the past and only those prepared to explore untrodden paths will be able to find original and valuable solutions. And that, of course, can only be achieved through creativity.

Carlos Garcia
Design and MYP Coordinator.

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