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Audiovisual technology as an accompaniment tool in classroom learning:

Over the years, technological advances and the audiovisual pandemic have taken on a fundamental and necessary role in the classroom. Knowledge of oral and physical expression, use of recording, editing, and assembly equipment become essential to demonstrate what has been learned.

As a result, the International SEK Pacific Institution has created the audiovisual subject to open new spaces for the students so that they could get to know one more branch of the arts.

Through the subject “History of Photography”, students reflect on its evolution and its importance in our lives. In the first courses, the aim is to be able to communicate emotions through a photograph, applying the correct use of planes and composition rules through a photonovel. At this stage, students use reflex cameras, which have a technical difficulty that they can learn to master with time and practice.

To continue the process, the concepts “What do I communicate? – How do I communicate it?” are applied. During this year, in the “MASS MEDIA” unit, students are using different means of communication, making use of the radio, TV studio, and social networks. Teamwork, creativity, oral and corporal expression are strengthened. This unit is so versatile that it is possible to work in an interdisciplinary way with any other subject, offering instances of collaborative work and multi-learning.

In higher grades, the challenge is to know, analyze, reflect and experience the world of cinema. The objective is to end the year by making a short film, with all that this implies: pre-production work promoting the level of organization and planning of the recordings, production or filming that encourages teamwork, where each of the members has a role to play,etc.

Through the years, the Audiovisual subject has proven to transcend and give skills with a unique stamp. So much so that SEK Pacific students, upon completion of their academic stake at SEK Pacific International School, have expressed having a solid foundation to face the first challenges of the career they begin. They have demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of communications, whether in visual language, technical management, or the use of the software.
As an artistic area, it leaves great satisfaction to know that the students are being prepared to be integral professionals capable of facing any challenge that may arise.

María José Serrano
Audiovisual teacher

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