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Augmented reality, a new way of teaching and learning

Technological development has revolutionized all activities. The context in which education is developed posed new challenges which have been gradually incorporated by the schools that form SEK International Institution. Digital whiteboards, the use of iPads, virtual reality glasses and augmented reality are tools that are part of the daily life of students.

At SEK Los Valles International School we continue to adapt to these changes and incorporate new learning experiences. An example of these is the introduction of augmented reality, a visual technology that allows interaction with virtual objects in 3D. The use of Apps such as Merge Explorer, Quiver or Google Arcore allows students to interact with different environments that emerge through the screen of an electronic device, an aspect that tests creativity and highlights some benefits:

  • It improves concentration, planning and memory.
  • It enhances creativity and fosters teamwork.
  • It adapts to any academic content.
  • It promotes reasoning skills.
  • It reduces stress level and helps to relax.
  • It enhances spatial vision.
  • It promotes self-improvement.

Students explore science simulations such as frog dissection and even space exploration in Merge Cube. The incorporation of augmented reality creates an active learning scenario and motivates the development of higher cognitive skills. Quiver, on the other hand, awakens the imagination as it presents characters that emerge from a coloring sheet.

Undoubtedly, we are facing a new revolution in education, augmented reality, is actually an educational tool for learning while playing.

Technology Department
SEK Los Valles International School

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