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Being good communicators: essential attribute in our days

It is no secret that, nowadays, one of the most important attributes that we instill in our students at Colegio Internacional SEK Costa Rica is to be good communicators and to develop skills so as to be able to adapt and apply their knowledge in problem solving both locally and globally.

Let’s reflect on this question that I recently read: How do you think your life would be if you couldn’t communicate, if you couldn’t ask for what you need, or understand the needs of others?

We would expect a variety of responses to this question, precisely because all people need to interact with others, whether it be understanding, sharing or debating an idea. Communication is sharing ideas and respecting viewpoints based on values that we instill in our students through their training.

Definitely, understanding and expressing ideas with confidence and creativity in various languages, idioms and forms of communication, will represent a selective advantage in the integral growth of students. As teachers, we face the challenge of continuously developing communication skills to understand their needs and guide them in the search for their identity

Geovanny Cordero G.
International Baccalaureate Coordinator
SEK-Costa Rica

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