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Benefits of music and rhythm in children

In the Schools of the SEK International Institution, we promote and instill in our students the importance of the world of music, not only as another subject but as a complement to their academic and social training.

Numerous studies show that there are many benefits that music brings to children, since it favours cognitive, emotional, motor and language development, as well as the acquisition of social skills. We can highlight that learning new concepts through musical activities helps children to assimilate the contents more easily in a fun way.

Benefits such as the development of creativity and imagination, the improvement of concentration and attention, problem solving skills; auditory and vocabulary skills, or body expression through rhythm and dance are just some of the benefits that music brings to children and teenagers.

As we want to offer our students all the educational and technological tools, in addition to the best facilities, the Member Schools of the SEK International Institution have official Music Conservatories.

In them, students of all ages can learn to play an instrument as a hobby or professionally perfect their technique or pursue higher musical studies to obtain official certifications.

Laura Gómez Maderuelo
Coordinator of the Communication Department
Levante International School

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