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Cemu Global: music conservatories of Sek international institution

SEK International Institution inaugurates CEMU GLOBAL with the aim of offering a cutting-edge musical education.

Levante and Eirís Conservatories of Music, both centers authorized to provide Elementary and Professional musical education, opened their doors in 2015 to students from the two member schools of the Institution, as well as to external students, children and adults.

Since then, hundreds of students have passed through our classrooms, learning to enjoy and value every aspect of music, from playing an instrument to composing their own song. Some of our students have even managed to participate in television contests such as The Voice Kids (Spain), in national and international instrument competitions, in the Cadena 100 Christmas Carols Contest Radio Programme, or managed to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people through music videos that we have posted on our networks.

In addition to offering authorized Elementary and Professional studies, we provide musical studies adapted to young ages from 15 months to 7 years old, and personalized studies from 8 years old in our School of Music. Guided by a specialist teacher of the highest level of studies, all our students can access the international validation exams ABRSM and Rock School, the two world organizations being leaders in musical evaluation.

For all these reasons and many more, Levante and Eirís Music Conservatories of SEK International Institution are the place where music will always be part of our life.

Alina Pele, PhD
Conservatories Director
SEK International Institution

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