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For our educational community, digital platforms are fundamental learning tools for organizing student work, teaching, and strengthening students’ learning.

Among the platforms that we use at SEK Pacifico, three are the ones that stand out when we develop our classes. Rukots, Padlet, and Unifrog are the perfect examples of organization, dynamism, and integration in classrooms from the youngest to the oldest students.

Developing communication between middle school students, Rukots helps stimulate teamwork by employing problem resolution through collaborative challenges, where students, along with their teachers, must analyze, share, and debate to fulfill a series of challenges aligned with the educational contents of each class.

On the other hand, Primary students work every day with Padlet. This platform gives them a collaborative panel, available in many languages, where they can share content with other Padlets of the world. Plus, very amusing and customizable designs make classes and contents more dynamic and collaborative between classmates.

Unifrog, finally, is the platform that Secondary students use to innovate content, mainly highlighting the positive impact given in each activity. It also provides cultural diversity. Unifrog is a comprehensive platform that generates connections between different institutions and opportunities for students to grow and make connections.

At Colegio Internacional SEK Pacifico, we provide our students with academic excellence, innovating day-by-day with the latest educational technology.

Marcela Catalán

Middle School Coordinator

SEK Pacífico International School


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