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At SEK Los Valles International School this school year, we have implemented an emotional education program for primary school students. This initiative is inspired by the studies developed by Dr Rafael Bisquerra, an expert in emotional education, which suggests that it is “a continuous and permanent educational process that aims to enhance emotional development as an indispensable complement to the cognitive process, both contributing to the integral development of human beings.”

Our program is designed to help students gain a deeper understanding of their emotions, recognize them in others, develop the skills to manage them effectively and mitigate the adverse effects of negative emotions. In essence, we aim to enhance personal and social well-being, equipping our students with invaluable life skills.

Emotional education is a collaborative effort between the family and the school. In the family, we learn through observation, listening, and practice how to regulate our emotions, apologize when necessary, and engage in productive activities when bored. At school, social interactions provide a platform for us to understand our interactions and learn more about ourselves. This type of learning is a lifelong journey that continues to enrich us as we grow.

The Emotional Education program initiated in the classrooms aims to foster a better self-understanding among students and their families, achieve positive social relationships, work as a team, be more empathetic, face fears, connect academic learning with our emotions to be more optimistic and value ourselves, and, in this way, better face the challenges that life presents.

Cristina Cazar Preschool

Primary Psychologist

SEK Los Valles International School

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