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Having the opportunity to experience a historic moment such as seeing Real Madrid win the League is priceless.

From the stands, 135 students from the SEK-IES International Institution, from Chile, Ecuador, South Africa, Italy, Colombia, Paraguay, Costa Rica, England and Spain, watched the decisive match of the National Professional Football League as the climax after participating, from April 27th to May 2nd, at the SEK-IES Football Clinic in “Ciudad Real Madrid”.

For the second consecutive year, and thanks to the important sports agreement signed by the SEK-IES International Institution, an institution dedicated to the world of education since 1892, and the Real Madrid Foundation, thousands of students can participate each year in intensive football courses in the largest sports center ever built by a football club.

This program, which is exclusively for students of these institutions, offers a wide range of sports activities, elite training sessions and competitions led by expert high-level coaches from one of the best football teams on the planet.

In addition, they had the great surprise of meeting one of the best goalkeepers in the world, the former goalkeeper of Real Madrid and the Spanish National Soccer Team, Iker Casillas.

This was a unique encounter, that this young group, aged between 11 and 14 years, experienced, in which they shared their passion for sport together with other students from the member schools of the SEK-IES International Institution, which currently consists of 24 colleges, 2 universities and a higher education center, located in 15 countries.

These young people from the member schools of the SEK-IES International, had an unforgettable experience, in which they shared their passion for sport with students of different nationalities and cultures, all of them united by sharing the same ideology, values and common goals.

An Institution with a great educational project that crosses borders and  offers its thousands of students a bilingual study program as well as academic excellence.

Since 1892, the SEK International Institution has fulfilled, and will continue to fulfill, its goal of being better every day.


Laura Gomez Maderuelo

Communication Coordinator

SEK International Institution



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