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From Blocks to Classrooms

In today’s time, we cannot deny that video games and technology are part of the daily lives of both children and adolescents. Our students called, ¨digital natives¨, use their technological tools not only to play games, but also to learn, bond, and build their personality.

From the above, the need to remain as an institution arises and we always remain forefront in teacher training development. This provides a focused education on the reality of the current educational population, allowing us to transform our school into a striking space for children and adolescents.
This year, in the school hallways, you can hear phrases such as, ¨Mister, are we going to do Minecraft today? ¨ This always generates amazement and motivation in students to use a platform familiar to them in the field of education.

Minecraft Education has opened the possibility not only for students to build and interact in a virtual environment but also it has transported us to discover new and enriching spaces as well as experiences.

Learning how the human body functions, being in a laboratory where chemical compounds were created, or traveling through history to experience the cause and consequences of events like World Wars are some of the many opportunities Minecraft Education Edition has brought to our academic curriculum and complementary classes.

A systematic and analytical way of thinking, cognitive flexibility to create and solve challenges, empathy and a safe space to learn through trial and error, make Minecraft Education an ally in a well-rounded education.

SEK Costa Rica International school is the first and only Mineacademy Institution in our country, evidencing our philosophy, ¨To be better¨.

Luis Diego Martínez
Coordinator of the Innovation

International School SEK Costa Rica

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