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At SEK Los Valles International School, we use game strategies in the classrooms that create a more entertaining and playful environment for students who will develop a new set of skills. It also facilitates the learning process to acquire knowledge that is meaningful to them.

Children enjoying these games from an early age can increase their curiosity and learning abilities to answer questions on their own motivating and allowing them to gain knowledge naturally.

For instance, escape rooms promote cognitive skills, teamwork, and soft skills management, which develop students as integral human beings. Winning prizes or rewards for achievement by overcoming challenges generates immediate satisfaction effects in students. It allows teachers to take advantage of this motivation to get into deeper topics that require analysis and concretion procedures.

Preschool children use different materials that encourage their fine and gross motor skills development. As children grow, they use digital tools to carry out virtual treasure hunts or achieve specific educational objectives.

Gamification is a technique that works very well within educational processes, providing immediate awakens when playing it and enjoying learning in each experience.

Fabiana Proaño A.

Preschool English Teacher


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