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This year, SEK Costa Rica International School will once again have the privilege to carry out the international program, ¨Green Week¨. On previous occasions, it has been an unforgettable week in which participants bond with classmates from other SEK International Institutions.

Students will enjoy beautiful tropical beaches, exciting adventures, marvels of nature, and the interesting culture of the country. Like we say in Costa Rica, the students will have a ¨Pura Vida¨ experience.

Costa Rica offers the perfect combination of relaxation, great cuisine, and wild fauna. It is a paradise of adventures in one of the most beautiful, natural environments in the world. This international program is the perfect combination between learning and fun.  During the trip, the students will participate in different activities such as canopy, boat tours, and snorkel. As well as guided tours to the Arenal Volcano or our paradise-like beaches.

The students that have previously participated have mentioned that it is a week full of adrenaline, enjoyment, fun, and a time to make new friends.

Costa Rica is waiting for you! Pura Vida!

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