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With great success, the 15th Edition of IntegraSEK Sports 2023 took place on January 25th and 26th at SEK International School Ecuador, with the participation of SEK Los Valles International School and SEK Guayaquil International School, SEK International Institution member schools.

There were 2 days full of emotions and fellowship since the white, blue, and red teams were made up of 12 members, 4 representatives of each school.

The disciplines in which they participated were: Water Games, Kin Ball, Mini Athletics, and collaborative games. The integration and healthy participation of the different participants were unique, even more for students who hosted students of Guayaquil in their homes.

The next edition will be at SEK Guayaquil International School and we hope to prepare ourselves to continue with this beautiful and enriching sporting tradition.

Fernando Chavez

Sports Coordinator

SEK International School Ecuador

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