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On the morning of the third of October, the International Levante School welcomed around 200 students from 13 countries of Colleges who are members of the International SEK Institution, to experience a unique week of living together and participating in sports at the InterSEK 2022.

As the host school, we took on the challenge, with enthusiasm, teamwork and dedication, of making this international event unforgettable for all its participants.  The distance and hours spent flying were no impediment to see the happiness and anticipation on their faces, to be welcomed warmly by the students and host families in Valencia, Spain.

It was a great week, full of sports competitions which started after the emotional inauguration ceremony of InterSEK 2022, in which we could see all the participating teams with the flags of their countries.  We were excited throughout every second of every race, and throughout every football, padel, basketball and volleyball match of each competition.

A matchless experience which was brought to an end with the special Closing Ceremony, at which medals were presented to the participants and winners, and where the InterSEK trophy was awarded to the winning school, the International SEK Pacific School of Chile.

Without doubt, for the students who participated, for those who were cheering from the sidelines during every match, and for the families and their highly appreciated collaboration, and for everyone who forms part of the International Levante School this has been such an enriching experience that it is impossible to state in words.

Laura Gómez Maderuelo

InterSEK 2022 Coordinator

International Levante School

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