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Learning while on vacation: “Summer and Winter SEK”

The Educational curriculum of the Schools from SEK International Institution expresses our aim to provide a state-of-the-art Education, strongly emphasizing a well-rounded education of their students. Thus, Education is considered to be responsible for providing the means for the students to achieve the best results of the characteristics that lie beneath, as for their genetic heritage and for the social role that each of them has to perform as well. These attributes make each person have a unique and incomparable potential.

Hence, Summer and Winter programs have been created in order to continue with the comprehensive development achieved during the academic year; according to each Institution’s School year calendar, since we are aware of the responsibility we have in the formulation of proposals that allow our students to spend their recreation and spare time constructively.

International SEK Pacífico School carries out a Summer program called “SUMMER SEK”, which is not only aimed at students of our Institution’s Schools but also to relatives and friends of our Educational community.

It is an important opportunity for children to go through unique experiences, getting involved in activities that allow them to grow as students and people. This program is thought to develop social and personal skills as well as a variety of competences: teamwork, leadership, creativity, ingenuity, the discovery of new surroundings, an approach to technology, the spirit of self-improvement, all this involving the English language as the main character.

There are diverse activities carried out mainly towards Science, Art, psychomotor skills, research, games, the learning and improvement of the English language, study habits, among others.

As usual, we look out for our students’ health and safety. Therefore and due to the current health emergency we are experiencing, every training session meets all the International SEK Institution security requirements and protocols.

We are delighted to see how students from the different Schools in our Institution enjoy their vacation while learning joyfully year by year.

International SEK Pacífico School

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