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Offering unique experiences to our students to complement their academic, cultural and social training is one of the objectives of the SEK International Institution.

Last Tuesday, May 24th, the conference entitled “Solidarity in the 21st Century” was given by the Nobel Peace Prize winner and former president of Poland, Mr. Lech Walesa.

The International School of Levante, in Valencia, Spain, was the school chosen as the host for the interesting face-to-face dissertation. It was exclusively offered to its students and a delegation of students from the Eirís International School, in A Coruña, Spain, who did not hesitate to attend it.

During the conference broadcasted for all the students of the SEK International Institution, the students had the opportunity to ask fascinating questions about different current political issues and his political career.

It was an honor to hear his words, through which he conveyed his knowledge, experiences, and the long road he has traveled so that his significant steps have become part of the history of humanity.

Lech Walesa left the future of the world in the hands of our young students, placing special emphasis on valuing, caring, and pursuing freedom, our most precious asset: “Throughout my life, I have fought, and now I continue to do so through my t-shirt. Now I can’t do anymore, I don’t have an army, I am retired, and I am ending my life, but I have never felt indifferent when I have witnessed problems. Therefore, I warn you to fight for freedom and take care of it, because it guarantees the future. You will feel safe, you will have a secure development as a country, and you will not be fooled”.

Laura Gomez Maderuelo

Communication Coordinator

SEK International Institution


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