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In an increasingly globalized and interconnected world, it is necessary for children and young people to have the necessary tools and attributes to know how to face any challenge that may arise throughout their lives.

What if those challenges arise on a trip to the United States, watching a movie in English, in a university entrance exam, or in a job interview in London? Nowadays, speaking English bilingually and knowing how to interact with other cultures means having the doors open to any corner of the world.

For this reason, in the SEK International Institution schools, we offer our students an academic curriculum and a bilingual methodology from their first steps with us. This knowledge is not only put into practice grammatically and orally in the classroom, but we go a step further thanks to the International Programs.

The International Program at St. John’s School gives students the chance to continue their studies immersed in the English language and UK culture. St. John’s School, a member of the SEK-IES International Institution, is located in an idyllic setting, overlooking the sea, in the town of Sidmouth. In addition, it has plenty of facilities that make the stay of its students unforgettable.

Why is studying for a year at St. John’s Schools the best decision for your child’s education?

  • They will perfect the language in a native language immersion environment.
  • They will experience English culture firsthand, enjoying all the milestones that take place throughout an academic year (traditions, festivities, academic challenges, etc.).
  • They will develop academic, personal, and social competencies.
  • They will enjoy amazing facilities and excellent British curriculum teaching.
  • They will use the best innovative technological educational tools.

Thousands of students have already had the experience of taking a year of their studies at our British school St. John’s School, obtaining excellent academic results, sharing their day-to-day life with English classmates and students from different countries, which will make them have a international vision, enriching them as people and they will create bonds of friendship forever.

A year at St. John’s School is giving your children the keys to the world.

Laura Gómez Maderuelo

Communication Coordinator

SEK International Institution


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