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The benefits of sports and physical activities help people maintain good health. Sports not only help the body, increase joint mobility, or prevent cardiovascular diseases but also benefit the mind, as they reduce anxiety levels, increase self-esteem, and manage stress.

Sports is one of the main activities of the SEK International Institution. In the Preschool stage, the effort focuses on developing cognitive, primary motor, and coordination skills. We work on strength, coordination, speed, and resistance through different exercises. From six to twelve years old, this practice promotes socialization and fun learning as they are part of a team. And in Secondary ages, personal development through practicing values, self-discipline, responsibility, and respect for their peers is meaningful.

Through swimming lessons, which start from three years old, we develop better motor coordination, improve the cardiorespiratory system, and encourage independence and self-confidence.

Finally, to encourage physical activity, students practice sports such as basketball, soccer, handball, volleyball, and more. In addition, they get involved in after-school activities, which develop their skills and talents; and allow them to participate in inter-school competitions.

Having a healthy lifestyle is possible by creating good habits from an early age, they favor the comprehensive training we promote in our centers.


Joan Freire

Sports Teacher – SEK Los Valles

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