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International Programme
Boca Prep International School


International programme in the USA

The SEK International Institution offers different International Programmes where its students have the possibility of continuing their studies immersed in the English language and the culture of the host country.

Since 2002, we offer the International Programme “Boca Prep International School”. Our American school is located in Boca Raton (Florida), surrounded by an exotic subtropical landscape, and has extensive facilities that make the students’ stay unique.

Unique experiences that will shape your future


  • You will perfect the language in a native language immersion environment.
  • You will deepen your knowledge of the American culture.
  • You will develop academic, personal and social skills.
  • You will enjoy excellent facilities.
  • You will use innovative educational technological tools.
  • You will live a 100% international experience.

The International Student Programme (ISP) is intended for students aged between thirteen and sixteen and it has a duration of three months, which can be extended up to one year.

The academic excellence of the SEK International Institution Schools makes students obtain excellent results, regardless of the country where they are studying during the school year. This provides peace of mind for families, who will know that they will continue with their education while living an unbeatable experience.

Sports and Cultural Activities

Our study programme offers the opportunity to carry out different sports and cultural activities to complement your academic training.

In addition, students make visits to learn more about the local environment through weekly cultural trips.

We pride ourselves on being an educational institution focused on developing students for the 21st  by implementing the highest level of Curriculum in the classroom and providing with opportunities for students to explore and nurture their talents in areas such as sports and arts.

  • Boca Prep Soccer Academy.
  • Boca Prep Volleyball Academy.
  • Boca Prep Theatre Academy.
  • Boca Prep Private Academy: Rick Macci Tennis Academy
  • Boca Prep Private Academy: Don Law Golf
  • Boca Prep Private Academy- Jess Frank Golf


Do you want to come to study in the USA?

For more information and to sign up for the International Programme, please contact us.


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