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programacion y robotica en la educacion

Programming and Robotics in Education

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a fundamental part of SEK International Institution.

Both programming and robotics are present in everything that surrounds us from our work to our daily activities, and it has become a tool that facilitates and streamlines business, educational, and social processes. For this reason, it is essential to introduce technology in education at an early age, and in so doing our students are not mere consumers of technology but also developers of thoughts, programs, and solutions that collaborate in the progress of a world constantly changing in technological matters.

Through programming and robotics in the classrooms we aim to:

  1. Introduce students to the foundations of computer science.
  2. Solve problems using technological alternatives.
  3. Promote creativity and ingenuity.
  4. Enhance adaptation to the current educational demands through the use of technology.
  5. Learn about digital citizenship.
  6. Share knowledge and experiences.
  7. Development of skills, abilities and technological knowledge both individually and in groups.
  8. The integration of students, teachers and families in the educational process.

Technology education brings benefits to students, but also to all staff involved. The use of technology helps the optimization of teachers’ tasks and makes their work more attractive, dynamic, and more efficient.

Children and adolescents grow alongside of technology, and they enjoy it, so as teachers it works in our favor as we guide them to learn through its use.

José Wagner Sánchez Piedra
Coordinator of the Programming and Robotics Department
SEK Costa Rica International School

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