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Psychomotor development in presential classes

At SEK International School – Ecuador, with all biosafety regulations, we continue working for presential classes, since our status as a pilot school granted last year by the country’s authorities, allows us to meet the academic objectives set for the present school year. In the Preschool section, we continue developing our graphomotor program, the same one that is of great importance at the initial stage for preparing our students for the comprehension strategies, fluency, word-solving strategies, linking. reading and writing, the writing process (including composing, transcribing, revising strategies, and crafting techniques), knowledge of. text structures, and task persistence (literary process).

Activities aimed at developing fine motor skills are part of the learning experience, being a valuable opportunity to enrich cognitive abilities since children discover through sensory perceptions. These skills must be achieved by the upper segments: arm, hands, fingers; repeatedly repeated they become graphomotor skills.

These activities lead to the precision of fine movements, which will favor the development of the pincer grasp. This is the ability to hold something between the thumb and first finger. This skill usually develops in babies around 9 to 10 months old. The pincer grasp is an important fine-motor milestone and essential for writing.

In this way, we continue working with all our professionalism and responsibility, because you wanted the best, we are the best.

Eva Granda
Preschool teacher

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