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Reading in children

One of the main challenges we face at SEK International Schools is to encourage the love of reading in children.

The use of electronic devices is usually much more interesting for them and they put recreational reading aside since it is very common for children to associate reading with chores and work. Therefore, our goal is for them to understand that reading can be a fun, relaxing activity, and the benefits are countless. It is a habit that, if worked in the correct way, will become an interesting hobby that will help them improve a series of cognitive abilities.

Some of the main tips to encourage reading in children are:

● Children learn by imitation and watching adults read can fuel their curiosity.
● Discover with them the types of book that they like the most.
● Introduce reading as a fun activity and not as an obligation.

Giving the necessary accompaniment is essential since children must be guided, accompanied, and directed during the process. Enjoying a book from a young age favors many aspects of their growth and allows strengthening social ties through this valuable habit.

Adriana Fernandez Garrido
Philology and Literature Department Coordinator
SEK Costa Rica

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