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Our institution has been characterized throughout its history by innovating and being at the forefront regarding programs, resources, methodology, and infrastructure. That’s why we are dedicated to renovating, redesigning, and creating new learning spaces in our SEK and IES centres so that our students can continue to learn more and better, following the latest international trends in architecture and design for educational institutions.

New outdoor and indoor play areas for the little ones, improvements in reception areas, administration, admissions, facades, gardens, dining areas, and sports courts.

We enhance the maker culture because doing is the best way to learn, adding spaces for cooking, experimenting, manipulating, building, discovering, creating, and exploring.

Road circuits allow our little drivers to learn, in a fun way, the rules of traffic and road safety from an early age.

We will continue redesigning spaces in our centres on different continents, reaffirming our commitment to Being Better.

Creativity Department 

SEK International Institution


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