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Responsive Classroom Approach – Learning and teaching methodologies

The Responsive Classroom Approach thrives on engaging students in meaningful learning experiences by combining academic, social-emotional, and motor skills development. This approach aims to develop respectful, joyful, and safe classroom environments that engage kids in learning. To achieve academic success, this approach focuses on literacy, math, or science and teaching soft skills as respecting one another, listening to others, and teamwork, among others. With this methodology, different strategies are put in place to tackle the needs of all our students.

One of the critical strategies this approach possesses at SEK Pacific International school, from playgroup and beyond the Early Years department, is the morning meetings, which intends to foster social-emotional and academic skills in our students. Through daily greetings, a space for sharing personal experiences and lesson objectives and activities, the students anticipate content and develop cooperation skills, thoughtfulness, self-control, and empathy.

All mornings, our students greet each other, take some time to ask each other about their emotional status and their personal experiences both at school and at home. Then, collectively, the class shares about content, literacy skills are enhanced through guided reading. We also review essential vocabulary related to days of the week, months, and weather. Finally, we briefly explore the activities and learning objectives for the day.

Our students develop empathy, learn to wait for their turn when speaking, feel heard, and most importantly, feel like members of a community beyond academic work.

Karen Duyvestein
First-grade teacher
SEK Pacific International School

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