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Robótica en el Colegio Internacional SEK Austral


Children grow up to be potential scientists. They like to discover new things, they are curious about their environment and how it works, and they seek answers by asking themselves the question “why?”. Robotics is a learning process that involves a change in the way of studying since the student goes from being a listener in class to a protagonist who must build solutions to a specific problem.

When a student tries, for example, to make a robot run across a table, he understands concepts such as speed and trajectory (physics), comprehends the gears that allow a wheel (mechanics) to move so that it advances, and gives instructions through specific programming.

At SEK Austral International School, as a member of the SEK International Institution, we are committed to Robotics, since it allows us to imagine hypothetical futures, think and evaluate different options, allowing students to be better able to face problem-solving and how they face them, each achievement improves their self-esteem and recognizes their abilities.

Fabian de la Vega V.

Technological Coordinator

SEK Austral International School

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