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Active Business Immersion

The SEK International Institution organizes the SEK BRIDGE PROGRAM, which will take place from July 1st to 15th at the IUNIT Campus, a Higher Education Center located in Madrid, Spain.

SEK Bridge Program is an exclusive work immersion experience for students from member schools of the Institution who want to carry out professional internships in real companies, helping them gain clarity when deciding their career path after graduation.

This international program is held at the IUNIT Campus, a Higher Education Center located in one of the most historic and central neighborhoods of Madrid (Spain), within walking distance of our academic center and just a few bus stops away from our career-based learning partners: Real Madrid Foundation, EsRadio, Libertad Digital, DistritoTV, and Aramark.

This is a great opportunity for our students to prepare themselves by training their minds with the best, working on their skills with executive mentors, and enjoying a unique program in one of the liveliest cities in Europe.


My experience in

“I have always enjoyed taking risks, and this program was a perfect example of that. Initially, I thought this experience would be simple and ordinary, but to my surprise, it exceeded all expectations. We were introduced to many professionals from different areas who gave us presentations about their professional experiences and shared some of their knowledge. We also worked with two companies on a group task. I had the opportunity to work with Libertad Digital, which works with news, television, radio and much more. My group enjoyed the great opportunity of coming to television and speaking at a radio studio, which was absolutely amazing. Before the start of classes and courses, there were some integration activities that helped me to get to know the group I would be working with for the next 2 weeks. This type of introduction was really helpful because it made it easier for me to communicate with the other students.

In addition to all the hard work and studying, we had the opportunity to enjoy the surroundings, so we visited parks, museums, the Real Madrid stadium, and many universities. These were addi>onal events for us to get to know Madrid and have the chance to appreciate everything this city has to offer. In conclusion, this program has provided me with many new skills and abilities that are very beneficial for my work and daily life. Although it took a lot of work to step out of my comfort zone and join this program, I am happy to say that it was worth it. I hope that many more students take this challenge and give it their best.”

Natalia Ureña
Student of the SEK Costa Rica International School

Programming Calendar

Frequently Asked Questions

Students from the last two years of school, fifteen to seventeen.

They will stay in individual rooms with private bathrooms, internet access, swimming pool, and full board included, in the RESA University Residence
on Paseo de la Habana, one of the most exclusive areas of Madrid, very close to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium of IUNIT.

At Libertad Digital, Aramark and at Distrito TV (the businesses may be subject to change)

It is located in the El Viso neighborhood, very close to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and Paseo de la Castellana.

No, students must buy their own flights.

No, each student must have their own individual travel insurance.

The SBP is not a vacation summer camp, it is an intense program with many activities throughout the day. Participants must be aware and commited to the agenda in order to obtain the “SBP Certificate of Active Business Immersion”. However, we will set aside a space on 8 July for students to go shopping or sightseeing.

They should arrive on 1 July and return on 15 July. The activities will take place between 2 and 14 July.

The residence has its own laundry, where students can wash and dry their own clothes.

Both classes and internships will be conducted entirely in Spanish.

Talk to the admissions person at your school before purchasing a flight on other dates.

Yes, an “SBP Certificate of Active Business Immersion” will be awarded. This certificate is very valuable for the student’s CV, as it is a certificate certifying 24 hours of work experience.

Take part in the upcoming program

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive program where the student will gain valuable, exclusive work experience, which will help them to choose their professional path in the future.

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