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SEK Federated School Swim Club

Sports practice in the schools of the SEK International Institution is fundamental, since it is part of the academic training of its students.

At the SEK Chile International School they have managed to take a great leap in the sport of swimming by becoming this year a federated club, the SEK School Swimming Club. It took several seasons before the conditions were met for the swimming team to become a federated club.

From its beginnings as a swimming workshop, many students began to practice this sport whose main objective was exclusively at the learning level.

After several years, with an important renewal and counting on the experience of high-level teachers, the students began to improve their results in the different sports competitions at the school level. The SEK Chile International School wanted to go one step further, so those swimmers who wanted to continue advancing in this discipline in a professional way, could start their career and develop it fully in their School without having to go to other sports clubs.

For this reason, since last year, the school’s swimming team has been part of the SEK Swimming Club, legally constituted as a federated club in FECHIDA (Chilean Federation of Aquatic Sports). The club brings together the best swimmers in the school and not only that, but it has also achieved the return of excellent athletes who had to go to other clubs to continue their sporting development.

In addition, the club has a highly reputable work team made up of high-quality coaches, a special physical trainer, nutritionist and sports psychologist. The reputation of the club is such that external swimmers have wanted to join this great project with the aim of reaching, in the medium term, the leading positions in Chilean swimming.

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