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SEK Magazine

Welcome to our annual repository of knowledge and creativity!

In this section, we take pride in presenting our collection of yearly magazines, where each edition is a testament to collective effort, innovation, and the accomplishments of our community. Dive into a world of ideas, discoveries, and reflections as we delve deeply into relevant topics, inspiring stories, and unique perspectives. Our annual magazines serve as a window into the tireless dedication of our team, students, and collaborators, capturing the dynamic spirit that propels our institution into the future.

Join us on this journey of knowledge and creativity as we celebrate our annual publications!

Communication Department | SEK International Institution

Revista SEK 2023

SEK International Magazine
2023 - NEW!

SEK 2022

SEK International Magazine

Revista SEK 2021

SEK International Magazine

Revista SEK 2020

SEK International Magazine

Revista especial Vuelta a las aulas 2020

Back to School 2020
Special Issue

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