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After a long time without seeing each other, meeting the people with whom we have shared important moments is always an emotional experience that is difficult to explain.

The reunion with the former students in March was extremely significant and emotional, since, for them, going back to their school was not a simple event or a mere act of protocol. On the contrary, it was an occasion to feel and relive moments from those times, distant or not, that already form part of their lives.

Our Alumni continue to identify with their school and are committed to the Institution, its values, its traditions, and its ideology. Each of them, in their own way, has managed to harmonize with the educational principles of the SEK International Institution.

At various moments during our magical reunion, they expressed their joy, satisfaction, and, above all, pride in simply being “ExaSEK”.

Mrs. Evelyn Romero

SEK Paraguay International School Alumni Coordinator


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