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At SEK Pacífico International School we effectively and efficiently apply the use of new technologies in the educational field. Since entering Playgroup, students learn how to use the technological tools available at our school, thus managing them to use them naturally.

At the beginning of the last years of Primary Education, our students begin to research in the area of Robotics: a branch of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, biomedical and computer science that deals with the design, construction, operation, structure, manufacture and application of robots.

In this line of work was born, in 2018, SEKTroopers, a team of students between 5th grade (Primary School) and 1st grade (Secondary School), working on innovation projects, value learning and robot programming.

The initial motivation arose when the school was the regional headquarters of the First Lego League, in which 20 teams of approximately 10 students each participated. Then, in 2019, it was enhanced with the participants of the Robotics Workshop and with students from different grades, thus forming the school’s Robotics Team.

SEKTroopers is a team that is characterized by promoting values such as teamwork, cooperation, inclusion and collaboration. The students are aware of these values with the aim of working different skills and understanding that the concept goes beyond the competition itself. In fact, many of the challenges they prepare include supporting other teams that may present problems. They also develop necessary skills such as research, project creation, conveying ideas, programming, innovation, using various software and programs to develop innovation projects for real life.

This year, and given the particularity of the pandemic, SEKtroopers has been working remotely with the challenge of assembling this year’s Lego League competition kit from their homes, programming and installing it in the robot. In conjunction with this, they are developing an innovation project in relation to a bicycle for people with no mobility in their lower limbs and another one for competition.

Our Robotics Team, SEKTroopers, works with programmable LEGO EV3 robots, with an interface ranging from a Lego labview to python, in Scratch and Arduino codes that allow both visual and graphical programming.

Pablo Montenegro
Technology Teacher and SEKTroopers Coach

SEK Pacífico International School

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