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Strategies to learn to read and write

Learning to read and write is a meaningful and complex process. These processes relate to and complement each other. For instance, when children begin to learn to read, they discover a fascinating world that motivates them to decode the linguistic signs that surround them, whether from labels or stories. Hence an immense desire is born to learn how to write the words they listen to and see everywhere.

At SEK Los Valles International School, the literacy process begins before the five years old. It takes advantage of the innate curiosity that children have. At these ages, the stimulation of reading uses pictograms, sequences of stories, and images to develop the ability to connect them and understand what they represent. The verbal language will have a stimulus, and afterward, it will help in more complex stages such as phonetic discrimination, linguistic sign identification, and the association among them. All of these aspects are significant in learning to write.

At the end of this process, students achieve reading spontaneously and naturally. This achievement fills them and their parents with joy. Parents are especially amazed by the naturalness with which kids can say written words. Thus, literacy flows so quickly that they continue to make significant strides in discovering letters, words, and sentences.

The schools of the SEK International Institution are pioneers in using technological tools. This advantage makes it easy for our students to use innovative tools that encourage reading and writing. There are interactions among students, parents, and teachers with routines and technological resources, such as computers, iPads, virtual reality applications. Also, students develop projects, solve problems, overcome challenges, and more.

Reading and writing are fundamental pillars for the development of society. That is why we apply numerous strategies to achieve an excellent level in these areas. At SEK Los Valles International School, we recommend giving children entertaining reading material and allowing kids to choose what they want to read.

Being part of the reading and writing world is fantastic, and it will enrich our lives constantly.

Bertha Cisneros
Second grade Spanish Teacher
Colegio Internacional SEK Los Valles

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