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The adventures of Sekilín and Sekilina

Thousands of students from the SEK International Institution Schools have grown up alongside the cartoon characters Sekilín, Sekilina and their friends. Through the comic, generation after generation, students have enjoyed their funny stories and have traveled the world with their adventures.

Thanks to the project carried out by the SEK Paraguay International School, Sekilín, Sekilina and their friends have come to life through animation. In just one click, our youngest students learn and enjoy each new animated short. Short films that deal with the discovery of the history of Italy, Chile or ancient Greece have helped children know the world through cartoons in a fun way. Before the return to face-to-face classes at our Schools, an animated short in which Sekilín and Sekilina taught how to comply with the health measures against Covid-19 was created. It was very useful for the students, as they could easily familiarize themselves with the biosafety protocol.

This was a great educational work carried out with enthusiasm, in which the values and goals of the SEK International Institution are transmitted. As Dña. Carolina Urbieta, principal of the SEK Paraguay International School states: ‘this project fosters and develops the sense of identity and belonging of the students with their School and Institution, while enhancing their international character.’ For all children to have fun and learn with their adventures, we launched our new YouTube channel: “Sekilines”. There, you will be able to watch each new animated short and we hope you enjoy it.

Youtube – Seklines

Laura Gómez Maderuelo
Communication Department
SEK International Institution

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