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The countdown starts now!

After two long years without being able to participate in person at one of the most important events of the SEK International Institution, from the third to the seventh of October the worldwide meetup, the InterSEK Sports 2022, will take place at the International School of Levante, (Spain).

It will be a week full of sports competitions in which students will come together from corners all over the planet, for an unbeatable experience.

As well as sharing their passion for sports, the students will be living alongside fellow SEK students of different nationalities and from different cultures, they will have unique experiences and will form lifelong friendships ties.

It is an honor for the International Levante School to have the opportunity to host the InterSEK Sports 2022 and to give our students and families the opportunity to live this incredible, unique international experience which they will remember forever.

Laura Gómez Maderuelo

Communication coordinator 

International School of Levante

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