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The Development of Argumentative Skills in the Classroom

Argumentation, by definition, is “the act or process of forming reasons and of drawing conclusions and applying them to a case in discussion.”

At the schools of SEK International Institution, we understand that a global student is the one who possesses the ability to express his/her opinions based on logic and facts, always with respect.

Encouraging argumentation in children and young adults makes them develop critical thinking, learn to think for themselves and express themselves logically and analytically with others.

Critical thinking is obtained through identifying emotions, developing cognitive skills, promoting the ability to reason and reflect, among other skills.

At SEK Las Américas International School, within the Humanities area, students participate in debates and United Nations models aiming to explore the fantastic world of argumentative narrative. With this, they will learn the importance of developing these argumentative skills inside and outside the classroom.

Communications Department
SEK International Institution

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