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In our children’s educational journey, a crucial decision lies in choosing the academic project that best aligns with family values and goals. It’s not simply a matter of enrolling children in an institution; it’s a strategic choice that will impact their holistic development. Understanding and adhering to the educational project is fundamental to a solid and successful academic path.

Connection with Family Values

Every family has deeply rooted values, and finding an educational project that reflects them is essential. Some institutions focus on rigorous academic development, while others prioritize learning through experience and active participation. Reflecting on the family’s core values and how they integrate into the educational approach is crucial for establishing meaningful connections.

Deep Understanding of the Educational Project

Before making a decision, it’s imperative to delve into the philosophy and guiding principles of the educational project. What goals does the institution pursue? How does it address academic and social challenges? What is its focus on the emotional and social development of students? Obtaining answers to these questions will provide a deeper understanding of what the institution seeks to achieve and whether it aligns with family objectives. That’s why at SEK International Institution, we have an Admissions Department willing to meet with parents to explain each topic of interest in education and training and address parents’ concerns.

Active Engagement in the Institutional Philosophy

Choosing an educational project is not just about enrolling children; it involves active engagement in the institutional philosophy. Parents are a vital component in their children’s education success. By aligning with the educational philosophy, parents can play a more effective role in supporting their children’s learning experiences and collaborating closely with educators.

Impact on Holistic Development

The chosen educational project affects academic performance and the holistic development of children. Values such as responsibility, teamwork, and empathy are often fostered differently in various educational environments. The conscious choice of an academic project will contribute to developing skills and attitudes that will endure throughout life.

In conclusion, choosing the educational project is a decision that goes beyond location or facilities. It requires a reflective assessment of family values, a deep understanding of the academic approach, and active engagement in the institutional philosophy. By making this decision in an informed manner and aligned with family principles, we are building solid foundations for educational success and the holistic development of our children.

José Alegría Grandón

Admissions Director

Chile SEK International School

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