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The importance of carrying out a good adaptation process at the beginning of schooling

Allowing a child to have a good experience in their first days at school is the foundation for better learning and success in the first year of schooling. Learning should be related to genuine motivation on the part of the student to feel comfortable and secure in the place where their education is about to begin.

It is usual for children to feel insecure about new things, but it is essential to consider that the school and their home are their comfort zones and, therefore, will be the fundamental pillars to help them cope with the new challenges they will face.

For this, it is essential to prepare them for the dynamics of the school, the importance of learning and growing through education, and how enjoyable it can be to make new friends and engage in exciting games and activities they can find there.

We create a pleasant, flexible, and calm environment at SEK Pacific International School. In addition, we have an attractive and modern infrastructure and exciting and playful resources to help children integrate.

Younger children are allowed to bring comfort objects to feel secure in a space that will initially be unfamiliar to them. Educators, with kindness and a close approach, welcome them every morning to allow for a new secure bond, giving them confidence in this new place.

It is also crucial for parents to establish concrete and clear routines that generate security. Getting them used to their circadian rhythm, their waking and sleeping schedules, and the new schedules are the basis for their biology to synchronize with the school activities that the school imparts day by day. A good breakfast provided at home and healthy snacks and lunch received at school will be essential for our students to have the energy to perform smoothly during the school day.

As a school, we aim for open and fluid communication between the Tutor and families to inform them about the daily dynamics and rules of the school so that students can participate and develop fully.

Educating a child is planting for their future. Ensuring that processes and environments are friendly to their nature is a fundamental task.

SEK Pacífico International School

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