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The importance of educational ours in the educational process

Educational tours are important so that the students can work on their previous classroom knowledge and apply them to real-life situations. 

Through these visits, they interact with the environment around them, and at the same time, they enjoy the process of learning.  In our schools, students participate in this educational process from preschool to the upper grades.

 In the area of natural sciences, we visit places like a farm, where young children interact with a diversity of animal species while at the same time learning how to care for them. In primary grades, they are able to go in-depth on the characteristics of species as well as the regions of their habitats, the benefits of each species for humans, and the dangers and challenges each species faces in our world today.

History and social studies provide another branch of the educational process.  For example, national museums or different specialized areas, such as popular culture, allow children and young adults not only to recognize historical data but to complement it with aspects of art, science, and developing technology amongst others. A lot of museums provide experiential experiences, such as creating handcrafts, or certain typical foods of the region, mixing theory and practice for better assimilation of the contents by the students.

  Visiting a variety of industries complements the work of subjects such as math, and business management. There the students can experience the process and the function of interesting machines much more closely while at the same time valuing the products consumed day by day.

 In amusement parks, the students not only enjoy the attractions but can apply math topics such as fractions, time, resistance, and velocity, amongst others.

 Lastly, and not least, the theater is a fundamental ally in the educational process for the students in schools. This allows them to go ahead in a different form in literature, poetry, and music.

 Without a doubt, every school tour opens the minds of our dear students. Tours awaken their curiosity and at the same time, learning becomes significant.

Karolay Brenes, SEK Costa Rica Educational Tour Coordinator

Irene Armijo, Admission Director SEK Costa Rica

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