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The importance of grandparents in the life of boys and girls

Grandparents’ Day is a commemorative day dedicated to the most beloved members of the family. The schools that are part of the SEK International Institution celebrate this day in a special way. Our youngest students are in charge of organizing a beautiful artistic activity for their “Tata”, “Nona”, “Abu”, “Lito”, “Yaya”, “Oma and” Güeli ” (as they called them in Spanish), which is how they affectionately name and refer children to their beloved grandparents and grandmothers.

This year, due to the current situation, the grandparents have not been able to visit our school and enjoy this lovely day with their grandchildren. But, thanks to technology, we have celebrated Grandparents’ Day virtually.

All educational levels of Preschool, from Play-Group to Kindergarten, have prepared videos with poems, drawings and messages from our students for their grandparents.

Although nothing replaces face to face contact, a hug or a kiss from the grandchildren, we believe that the grandparents were happy with the virtual gift and realized how much the little ones in the family miss them.

Why celebrate a grandparents day? Undoubtedly, we believe it necessary to remember the great importance that grandparents have in the lives of children, especially at an early age. They are a fundamental pillar in upbringing and education. Their very presence and the great experience they have in life are a very valuable resource in families, since they bring numerous benefits to children such as emotional stability and values ​​such as respect, patience, love and tolerance.

But the best of all is fun doing activities together. In addition, the benefit is mutual, since grandparents are also enriched by the energy and vitality of children. The freshness and company that these little ones deliver is priceless.

In short, growing up with grandparents will always provide children with security, confidence and happiness.

By inviting grandparents and grandmothers to celebrate their day in a school environment, we are expanding our educational community to these people who lived that experience so many years ago and who can see their grandchildren in a very different environment than the one they live at home. It is a source of satisfaction to know that these two generations, so distant in the years and so united by the love of family ties, come together through the School.

Miss Berta Abarca
Nursery teacher

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