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El bilingüismo real sek

The Real Bilingualism

Learning a new language has become one of the most important objectives in everyday life in this growing and changing society. Our new world is extremely social media and technology driven. Many job opportunities today are executed remotely and will continue being the trend for centuries to come. Bilingualism is important, now more than ever, since there is a tremendous need for a higher multi-diverse and multi-lingual employee at major corporations and institutions internationally. Because of that, we at SEK Costa Rica International School teach our students a second language that prepares them for expanding their options towards better job opportunities, improving brain functioning and memory. It enables them to connect with a growing diverse population of multilingual individuals across the globe. Cross – culturalism is vital for one´s linguistic development since it fosters learning new customs and norms. Belonging to SEK International School allows students to make cross- cultural immersion a reality.

The most crucial part of learning another language is maintaining fluency. It is the continual psycholinguistic reproduction of developing different aspects of the language being learned. It is important to continuously practice improving in the areas of reading, speaking, accuracy, verbal, and semantic. These are just a few areas that will allow students to not only become fully bilingual, but to also keep their fluidity. Indeed that is the diversification enhancing bilingualism and fluency.

Jennifer Burke
Language Department Coordinator
SEK Costa Rica International School

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