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The SEK International Institution was founded in 1892. It offers its pupils consistently rigorous bilingual programmes of proven academic excellence, which range from preschool level through to PhD level.

All SEK centres share the same vision; they share common goals and values forged through its centennial history, always looking towards delivering the highest quality education possible.

Furthermore, all SEK centres are officially recognized, both nationally and internationally, for their modern educational and sporting facilities as well as for their internationally rated teaching staff.

Educación de vanguardia

Currently, SEK has a network of twenty-six schools and two universities, and a higher education center, located in seventeen countries, which include Spain, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia and Paraguay. Moreover, the partner IES branded schools cover the United States, the UK, Hungary, Italy, Panama, Portugal, Romania and South Africa.

We, in SEK, take a holistic approach to education, focused through a tutorial structure and language proficiency, as well as emphasizing the importance of maintaining an international approach to all our educational programmes.

Thank you for trusting us with the unique and essential task of educating your children. We acknowledge that they represent our daily challenge, and that they will continue to play the central role in the education process.

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