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What is academic excellence?

There are no definitions or recipes to achieve it, but we could say that it is a virtue that requires working every day giving the best despite the obstacles and adversities that may arise.

These last two years have not been easy for students and the educational community in general. However, and in light of the results obtained by the students, it is possible to verify that they have been faithful to our educational project and objectives. Logically, the achievements are the result of teamwork between students, parents and the School.

For our part, we remain faithful to the commitment to stimulate our students so that they can develop all their capacities, fostering critical thinking and enhancing their personal skills. We are convinced that it is always possible to BE BETTER. We believe in comprehensive education because, among other things, it is the basis for achieving visible results such as obtaining the Diploma in the International Baccalaureate Program and, in a sustained and gradual way, progressing in academic results. Results that allow us to say that the SEK Chile International School is one of the best 20 schools in Chile. We are very proud of our students, since their outstanding achievements have been verified in a peculiar and even adverse context.

Our fundamental objective is to serve and improve the quality of students by making them learn more and better, while prioritizing education in values and wielding respect, honesty and tolerance as the tools to advance at a safe pace in the world that new generations will live. Our highest aspiration is the comprehensive training of our students.

On the other hand, the methodology used at the SEK Chile International School encourages individual and group work, is flexible and participatory, and is supported by the tutorial system and the application of multimedia technology that we constantly seek to modernize.

The results obtained by our students at an academic and personal level, the trust that families place in the School and in the Institution only confirm that we are on the path of Being Better.

Marcela Gangas Bravo
Diploma Programme (DP) Coordinator
SEK CHILE International School

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