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White Week: more than a school program in the snow

White Week is one of the International Programs for students from schools that are part of the SEK International Institution. For more than two decades, this sports program has been organized every year by the SEK Chile International School. In this edition, students from schools in Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Paraguay have participated.

In addition, this program is part of the annual planning of the Physical Education Department of our school, since it allows students to practice a sport with extraordinary educational characteristics sharing with mates from SEK schools, benefiting from moments of coexistence and collaboration in a different environment to the usual. From the point of view of health benefits, skiing, and snowboarding, due to the fact that it is practiced in the high mountains, allows you to breathe pure air without pollution, helping the blood to oxygenate quickly. In addition, these sports strengthen the muscles and help improve psychomotor skills. For example, the position and control that is required to maintain, to execute the movement of skiing and snowboarding works as a training to coordinate body and mind. The result in the long run will be to gain greater agility and resistance when training.

Participants also have the opportunity to see many places of interest in the city of Santiago de Chile. The complementary activities that are organized allow students from other countries to share with students from the three schools located in Chile: SEK Chile, SEK Austral, and SEK Pacífico. In this way, this program is a genuine opportunity for cultural exchange that contributes to the comprehensive development of the students, since the students also share with the families that host them during the days in their transit, to and from, the city of Santiago to the ski center located about 500 kilometers south of the Chilean capital city.

This activity is part of the educational project of the SEK International Institution that seeks, among other things, to prepare its students to function on a global level.

José Alegría 

Director of Admission

SEK Chile International School


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