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Last October, the Governing Board of the SEK/IES International Institution held their XXIX meeting, of which the Eiris International College were the hosts.

The Governing Board, which consists of 45 members, meets annually to analyze and study formulas for implementing new pedagogical and technological developments, with the objective of maintaining its educational centers at the international vanguard of education. It is an opportunity to analyze the evolution of our Institution, to consider new lines of development for the centers which are distributed between 17 countries, and to analyze the challenges which the education sector is facing.

Therefore, the Advisory Council of the Institution reunion took place, at which, as members of the Advisory Council, the following people assisted:  his Excellency Mr. Mariano Rajoy, the expresident of Spain, his excellency Mr. Andres Pastrana, the expresident of Columbia, her Excellency Mrs. Laura Chinchilla, the expresident of Costa Rica, Dr Benjamin Gutierrez, the illustrious lawyer of Costa Rica, and, as guest of honor, her Excellency Mrs. Isabel Saint Malo, ex-Vice President of Panama.

The President of our Institution, meets with international figureheads with important professional backgrounds in the worlds of education and public service, with the mission of proposing new developments for our centers.

Laura Gómez Maderuelo

Department of Communication and Marketing

SEK International Institution


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