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Mission statement

All educational institutions must have well defined boundaries, a framework of values with which to structure the day-to-day work in the classroom. In our case, this is embodied in our mission statement, which is the fruition of combining the input of parents, students and teachers over our more than one hundred years as educators.

SEK International Institution, committed to the effort of ameliorating the individual, is based on the following principles:

  • The student and his/her world are the nucleus of the life and pedagogy of the Institution, which respects the students as individuals and seeks the emphasis of the development of their personal skills as essential for their true full personal growth.
  • SEK International Institution educates in freedom and for freedom. It accepts the challenge that this implies, and strives to foster in each of its students a self-awareness of the responsibility that such a challenge implies.
  • SEK International Institution does not discriminate by nationality, gender, race, ideology or religion.
  • SEK International Institution promotes solidarity among its students and values work as a key factor in promoting the development of the individual. In contrast, it opposes both rivalry and greed.
  • SEK International Institution, as a global community of world citizens, is open to all valid educational experiences that lead to the fulfilling of its goals.
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